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LED Indicator Lamps manufactured by JINDAL'S, under technical teaming Arrangement with Oxley Development Company UK, combine the latest in LED technology with mechanical and optical expertise to provide a wide range of Panel Mountable Indicator Lamps for both benign and hazardous environments.

With the exciting advances in LED technology and the continuation of existing panel Mounting Lamps ranges , many options are available including wide angle and focused viewing, Sunlight readability and NVG compatibility.
We can address high reliability applications, where LED’s are electrically screened ensuring typical MTBF ranging from 90,000 hrs to in excess of 200,000 hrs.

We can offer a variety of indicator lamps with various sealing specifications ranging from IP66 to IP68. Low current models are also available. All variants have optional flame retardant flying leads terminations which can be color coded to suit customer’s special requirements.

S.No. LAMP TYPE PART NO. Mounting Hole Dia.
in mm
1 Sub Miniature Flat Lens OXL/MIL50/- 5.0
2 Low profile & Prominent Fresnel Lens OXL/CLH/63/- 6.35
3 Panel Sealed Convex Lens & Domed Lens PS/LH/8/- 8.0
4 Panel and Lamp Body Sealed, convex Lens & Domed lens STR/LH/8/- 8.0
5 Panel and Lamp Body Sealed, Mains AC Voltage STR/LH/8/Mains/- 8.0
6 Panel and lamp Body Sealed, Neon Bulb STR/NLH/--/--- 8.0
7 Panel and lamp Body Sealed, Sunlight Viewable STR5/LH/8/--- 8.0
8 Indicator Lamps, Rear Mounting, Voltage STR/501/LH/8/--- 8.0
9 Panel Sealed, Bezel LED Indicator OXL/CLH/80/--- 8.0
10 Panel and Lamp Body Sealed, Domed lens STR/LH/23/10/--- 10.0
11 Bi-Segmented LED Indicator Single Chip LED 2STR/LH/23/10/-- 10.0
12 Tri-Segmented LED Indicator Single Chip LED 3STR/LH/23/10/-- 10.0
13 Low profile & Prominent Fresnel lens OXL/CLH/100/--- 10.0
14 Bi-Segmented  Indicator Lamp, Fresnel Lens 20XL/CLH/100/--- 10.0
15 Tri-Segmented LED Indicator Single Chip LED Series 30XL/CLH/100/--- 10.0
16 LED Bulb Replacement , Single Chip LED Series ELED/1750/--
17 LED Bulb Replacement , Multi Chip LED Series ELED/1750/--
18 LED Bulb Replacement , Multi Chip LED, Bipolar Series ELED/1750/--
19 LED Bulb Replacement , Single Chip LED Series ELED/682/--

LED panel indication lamps are used to meet military & aerospace applications, to high reliability standard off-the-shelf products and incandescent bulb replacement.

The lamps with ingress protection up to IP68 meet the toughest applications.

The unique “modular” design allows a wide range of colors and options to be incorporated into the lamp, including EMI shielding, night vision compatibility and sunlight viewing capacity.

  • Bharat Electronics Ltd.
  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
  • Electronics Corporation Of India Ltd.
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.
  • Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
  • Kaynes Technologies

10mm Low Profile/Prominent Lens AC Voltage OXL/CLH/100 AC

10mm Sealed top & rear Domed Lens STR/LH23/10

10mm Low Profile/Prominent Lens Bi or Tri Colour 2&3OXL/CLH/100 AC

10mm Sealed top & rear Bi or Tri Segmented Colours 2 & 3STR/LH23/10

10mm Sealed top & rear Domed or Convex lens STR/LH/10

8mm DESC 85122 Approved Indicator Lamps

5mm Sub Miniature AC Voltage OXL/MIL50 AC

5mm Sub Miniature Sunlight Viewable & NVG Options OXL/MIL50

8mm Panel Sealed Sunlight Viewable & NVG Options PS/LH/8

8mm DESC 87019 Approved Indicator Lamps

8mm Neon Indicator AC Voltage STR/NLH

8mm Sealed top & rear Bi or Tri Colour 2&3STR/LH/8

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