technology-regulatorThe JINDAL'S Linear Voltage Regulating Transformer has been designed to meet a wide range of heavy-duty industrial application as well for Electricity Supply Utilities. Globally, these have become an established method of control, wherever continuously variable on-load control of voltage and power is needed. These can also be used to control many industrial processes like adjusting temperature, flow speeds, drive speeds, etc. to a pre-set program.

JINDAL'S Voltage Regulating Transformers & Regulating units combine fixed ratio transformers with regulating transformers to extend their rating, connection, designs range from low order KVA's to several hundred KVA as a stand alone unit. Using multiple voltage regulators, in combination with fixed ratio transformers, capacity levels are extended into the 5 MVA range.


carbon-rollerThe applications for JINDAL'S voltage regulating transformers and units fall into two broad basic groups:

Maintaining constant output levels by compensating automatically for variations in supply voltage. Our Automatic Voltage Controllers fall in this category, which are installed either along with the main distribution transformers / panel to stabilize the voltage to entire plant, or to individual machines or processes to hold voltage / current / power / temperature / lighting intensity constant. They are equally suited to A.C.or D.C. applications.

Giving a smoothly variable output voltage for different & continuous heavy-duty industrial processes, wherever voltage has to be smoothly adjusted on load over a wide range of control without effecting the power factor or waveform of the system. Our Silicon Power Rectifiers and A.C. Variable Voltage Transformers fall in this category.

  • High Efficiency
  • Virtually Zero Maintenance
  • Undistorted output
  • Constant Power Factor
  • Frequency Independent
  • Interference - Free
  • Mechanism
  • Close & Precise Control
  • Manual / Mechanical Control
  • Motor Control
  • Automatic Control
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