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Electro Magnetic Interference in its simplest definition is electrical “NOISE” on a signal or power line. Radio Frequency Interference is Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) which affects radio frequencies.

Modern electronics are susceptible to interference and increasingly protection against EMI is a legislative, contractual and safety requirement for telecommunications, avionics, industrial and defence equipment. Many circuits are particularly Sensitive to voltage transients or spikes on signal and control lines making them acutely vulnerable to EMI.

Anyone manufacturing , supplying or using critical components , products and systems simply cannot afford to take chances with EMI. This is especially relevant in the defence industry and aerospace where safety and reliability are paramount.

Circuit : C, L, Pi, T, Twin Pi & Twin T
Capacitance : 10 pF to 4 µF
Voltage : 80 to 600 Volt D.C.
Current : 4 to 15 Amps.
Mounting : Solder, Threaded, Push fit, Panel, Surface mount
  • Bharat Electronics Ltd. ( Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Ghaziabad, Panchkula & Kotdwara)
  • Hindustan Areonautics Ltd., Lucknow
  • ECIL,Hyderabad
  • Kaynes Electronics , Bangalore
  • Analogic Control, Hyderabad

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Miniature Press Fit C

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Miniature Threaded C & TVS

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