JINDAL'S pioneering research and passion for quality has helped in attain a dominant position not only in the Indian sub-continent, but also in several export markets, such as BAHRAIN, BANGLASDESH, BRAZIL ,CONGO, ETHIOPIA, GUINEA, INDONESIA, IVORY COAST, KENYA, KUWAIT, MALI, MEXICO, NEPAL, NIGERIA, PHILIPPINES, SAUDI ARABIA, SOUTH AFRICA, SRI LANKA, TANZANIA, UAE, UGANDA, UZBEKISTAN, VIETNAM, ZAMBIA.

JINDAL'S collaborated with Oxley Developments Company Ltd. of UK and is their manufacturing partner for manufacture of electronic components for defence and aerospace sectors. It manufactures a range of electronic components for Oxley, such as high tech LED panel lamps, EMI Filters and Connectors, etc. which are sold directly to various defence sector organizations in India and exported back to Oxley for distribution worldwide.

JINDAL'S also tied up with IREM SpA of Italy for introducing Large Capacity Natural Air Cooled Voltage Stabilizers of up to 5000 kVA for the First Time in the Indian market.