Capacity : 100 to 5000 KVA

Jindal's Electronic Division has the facilities for manufacturing of Mica Capacitors, EMI Filters and LED Based Lamps

Mica Capacitors
Mica Capacitors – The Technical know-how of manufacturing of Mica Capacitors was obtained from the then Sangamo Capacitor Division, a Schlumberger Company.JR Dipped Radial, Moulded Radial and Moulded Axial Mica Capacitors have been used in professional application where precision and high reliability of components is the paramount requirement.JR Mica Capacitors feature in a wide variety of circuit configuration including

  • Tuning
  • Timing
  • Filtering
  • Coupling
  • By-Pass
  • Pulse Forming
  • Standards
  • Low Loss Circuits
  • Voltage Blocking

Mica Capacitors are used in an ever widening range of applications such as::

* RF and communication networks * Data processing and computers * Ground control & space flight equipment * Missile application * Safety and security alarm devices * Automotive instrumentation * Aero Space Avionics * Satellite communication * Defense application * Radars * Telecommunications * Delay lines.

Download Mica Capacitors Catalog

EMI Filters & LED Lamps

EMI Filters and LED based lamps are being manufactured in collaboration and under license from OXLEY Development Company UK. EMI Filters and LED Lamps have wide application in the field of Defense, Aerospace, Rail, Naval and Industrial application.

We also represent “The Oxley Group” in India as their authorized representative for sale and distribution of their other products such as Military aircraft lighting, NVIS aircraft upgrade, Commercial aircraft lighting, Naval lighting, Vehicle lighting, Land system lighting, Optical filters and Data capture.