Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Best Servo Stabilizer Company in India

Why Jindal Acclaim Best Servo Stabilizer Manufacturing Company In India:-

  • Jindal Five years unconditional guarantee  Best servo voltage stabilizer manufacturing company in India
  • Pay Back Period Between (6-18 months).
  • Regular Routine Checkup.
  • Reduction Breakdown.
  • Longest Product Life
  • Quality Production.
  • Efficiency.

1.  Five Years Unconditional Guarantee Of Servo Voltage Stabilizer.Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Our Promise of Quality, Service & Commitment guarantees you Total peace of mind for decades together. JINDAL’S  AVC’s come with an unconditional guarantee for Five years against any manufacturing defect. you Pay absolutely for visits, spares, service or replacement during these 5 years.

2. Pay-Back Period Between (6 – 18 months).

Jindal’s AVC’s not only stabilized incoming voltage fluctuations but also helps in saving energy up to 30% and lessen breakdowns up to 80%. We guarantee coherence underway and consistency in quality regardless of approaching voltage varieties. Owing to its high efficiency and associated benefits, the pay-back period for the cost of our AVC is typically between 6 to 18 months, depending upon the nature and duration of load and the extent of voltage variation. And more often than not, it is simply avoiding a few minutes machine downtime or just one failure to recover the cost of the equipment.

3. Regular Routine Checkup

Normally our Automatic Voltage Controller does not require any servicing. Even though, It’s our prime duty to provide a hassle-free environment regarding the product. That’s why Our engineers visit our customers once in 2-3 months for a routine check-up.

We have settled resident service engineers all over India(Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar-Pradesh, Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir, etc.) to Provide routine checkups, service after-sales.

4. Reduction Breakdown.

JINDAL’S AVC resolves 99% of voltage problems automatically and ensures steady voltage supply round the clock. Some Key advantages of installing an AVC

Up to 80% reduction in the failure rate of electrical equipment

Energy-saving up to 10% (up to 30% on lighting load)

Reduction in MDI

Improvement in Power factor

Uniform quality of end products

Improves Productivity of the plant

Depreciation @ 40% as per Income Tax Act In India (Being the energy-saving device).

5. Longest Product Life

The normal lifespan of our Automatic Voltage Controller/Servo Voltage Stabilizer is 18 to 20 years at Extreme Condition at Full load. Quite a few of our Servo Stabilizer have been in running for over 35 years also.

6. Quality Production.

Lots of companies are still making the Dimmer Type Regulators. But JINDAL always manufactures Linear Voltage Regulator With Carbon Brushes. Which is specially designed to meet a wide variety of heavy-duty industrial applications. Globally these become an established method of control, wherever continuously variable on-load control of voltage & power os needed. These regulators are wound with heavy section of copper strip and are suitable for 100% continuous duty cycle. They have an economic life of about 15-20 years at full load and require negligible maintenance throughout their life.

Comparison Between Jindal’s Linear Voltage Regulator & Dimmer Type Regulator.


1. Power consumption is 0.5 to 1.5% 1. Power consumption is 3 to 7%
2. Suitable for 100% continuous duty cycle 2. Suitable for only 50 to 60% continuous
3. Life at full load is 14-20 years 3. Maximum life is 2-3 years at full load
4. Negligible Maintenance throughout life 4. Require frequent Maintenance
5. Five Years Unconditional Guarantee 5. Normally one year warranty
6. Compact Construction 6. Very bulky in size

7. Efficiency Of Servo Stabilizer

We promise lowest energy losses than any other stabilizer, through the use of choicest and most efficient grades of materials, designs, and workmanship. The efficiency of the Linear Type Voltage Regulator is 99.5% if the input voltage is in between 350-450V. Which is described below in brief.

Output Voltage400V ± 1% (Ph – Ph) / 230V ± 1% (Ph – N)Input Voltage

350 – 450V ~99.5% 340 – 460V >99% 330 – 470V ~99% 320 – 480V ~98.5% 300 – 500V >98%

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

The main function of the Automatic Voltage Controller is to stabilize the output Voltage Irrespective of the Voltage Fluctuations on the Input side. Stabilized Voltage results in safeguarding your electrical equipment and Energy saving is an added advantage.


The Stabilizer Regulator which we use are wound with heavy section of copper strip and are suitable for 100% load for continuous duty cycle.




The efficiency of our Automatic Voltage Stabilizer is from 98-99.5% as compared to 94-96% of the conventi0nal make stabilizer available in the market depending upon the input voltage range of the stabilizer.






A solid state, plug in type Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is used to sense and control the voltage. it senses the input voltage & gives a signal to the regulator motor to maintain the output voltage.







Any Automatic Voltage controller is suitable for H.T. or L.T. supply of the Transformer. However, fo HT i.e High Tension, you will have to install a stabilizer as per the rating of the transformer. While for LT supply, number of stabilizers can be installed as per the running load of the unit, space & suitability of funds.











We manufacturer 3-phase/1-phase, 50 Hz. oil cooled type Automatic Voltage Controller ranging from 100-5000 KVA/KW capacity suitable for both balanced input voltage & unbalanced input voltage.

On The Basis Of Above Factor, We Can Proudly Say That Jindal Is Best Servo Stabilizer Manufacturing Company In Delhi | India