Jindal's Servo Stabilizer

40- 75 KVA Automatic Voltage Controller/Regulator

75 Kva Automatic Voltage Controller

40-75 केवीए/किलोवाट का स्वचालित वोल्टेज नियंत्रक/नियामक

Voltage Range ~ 300-500 Volt

Capacity ~ 30, 40,50,75 KVA/KW Servo Regulator

Phase ~ Three Phase Stabilizer

Current ~ 43- 108 Amperes

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100+ KVA Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer/Voltage Regulator


100 Kva oil cooled servo stabilizer/voltage regulator 100+ केवीए ऑयल कूल्ड सर्वो स्टेबलाइजर / वोल्ट रेगुलेटर

Input Voltage: 300 - 500 Volts.

Output Voltage: 400 ± 1%

Cooling Type: Air Cooled

Type: Automatic

Condition: New

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Linear Type Servo Stabilizer/Voltage Regulator in Delhi (India)

linear servo voltage stabilizer/voltage regulator in delhi (india)दिल्ली (भारत) में रैखिक प्रकार सर्वो स्टेबलाइजर / वोल्टेज नियामक

Phase: Three Phase

Brand: Jindal Servo Stabilizer

Input Voltage: 300-500Volt

Power: up to 5000 KVA

Output Voltage: 400 ± 1% V

Minimum Order: 1 Nos.

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Jindal's Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizer 150 KVA

150 kva jindal's automatic servo voltage controller

जिंदल के स्वचालित सर्वो वोल्टेज स्टेबलाइजर 150 केवीए

Since 1967, Jindal is one of the leading manufacturers of Industrial Servo Stabilizer, Isolation Transformer, &  Rectifiers.

Jindal At A Glance

  1. 52+ Years Of Experience & Excellence in the Field of Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizer.
  2. 25000+ Successful Installation Across Worldwide.
  3. 5 Years Of Unconditional Guarantees of Any Pieces Of Equipment.
  4. 174+ Sales & Service Centres Across India & Abroad.
  5. Rock-Solid Performance Of Every Product.

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Electrical/Isolation Transformer manufacturer (0 to 1000 Volts D.C) Range (10-5000KVA)

Isolation Transformer Manufacturer 10-5000KVa

विद्युत / अलगाव ट्रांसफार्मर निर्माता (0 से 1000 वोल्ट D.C) 

Product Description

Manufacturer of Isolation, Step-Up, Step-Down Transformer, having highly qualified and experienced technical personnel keeping an eye upon the latest development in technology and the products. Our Isolation/Electrical Transformer is designed to meet all the latest parameters for National & International Standards.

3 Phase  250 kVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer, For Industrial Use

 3 Phase  250 kVA Servo Voltage Stabilizer, For Industrial Use (औद्योगिक उपयोग के लिए 3 चरण 250 केवीए सर्वो वोल्टेज स्टेबलाइजर)

Rs 4,83,000/ Unit  Get Latest Price

Capacity: 250 kVA

Application: For Industrial Use/Heavy load Domestic Use

Input Voltage: 300V-500V (3 Phase)

Control Type: Automatic controller

Output Voltage: 415V +- 1%

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